Size Matters Max Twist Nipple Suckers Review

I was excited when I found out that the great guys at Bondara said they were sending me the Size Matters Max Twist Nipple Suckers to test and review. I love playing and having my nipples played with so the promise of “more sensitive nipples” really grabbed my attention.

When I got them out of the box, I have to say they are not the prettiest of toys to look at they look to medical they would have been better making the plastic workings completely black I think, but that’s just my opinion. They are made of very robust and strong materials you can tell straight away that they are a well-made product and ar going to last some time so that’s good.

Using the Max Twist Nipple Suckers

I have been playing with these for a few weeks now and have got my technique down to a T, firstly rub a little bit of lube or massage oil on and around your nipples I find this helps stop your nipple rubbing on the inside of the nipple sucker and makes the use of this product much more comfortable (unless like Master X you want to inflict pain/discomfort). Now these bad boys have some serious power to them and with every twist you can feel the vacuum, so my advice here is to start off slowly and wait a few seconds between twists because you don’t feel the full sucking power immediate after you have twisted and you can quickly go from pleasure to pain with these. I left them on my desired suction strength for about 2-3 min before removing them and oh boy can you see results my nipples were probably 4x their normal size and so sensitive that I refrained from putting my bra back on for a good 30 min, but they felt amazing. I can say that when Master X played and sucked on them during our play, that evening my nipples were much more sensitive than normal this was after 2hrs of using the nipple suckers, so they are a great pre-sex prep product.

Master X takes over

I like the Size Matters Max Twist Nipple Suckers they may bring pleasure but in my hands they definitely doubled up as a torture device. With little sub tied to her knees, I cranked them as much as possible and left them on her for 5 min, by the fourth minute Little Subs eyes were watering almost to tears. Once I removed them, it was a sight to behold huge pink nipples, only needed to brush my flogger over them to get the desired effect. 5 Stars from me and I will be keeping these in my pocket at all times as a quick punishment tool.


8.5 Total Score
Size Matters Max Twist Nipple Suckers

The Size Matters Max Twist Nipple Suckers are a serious but of kit made of a very durable plastic and can be used for pleasure and pain. In my honest opinion I would suggest these over the cheaper rubber nipple suckers it’s only down fall is the colours they have used but this doesnt effect proformance.

  • Good Quality
  • Easy to use
  • They actually work
  • Product design is not great
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